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This 8 tooth gear is generally incompatible with differentials such as the 3. The 4r70w tranny you have could handle the cobra motor for a while if you don&39;t abuse it and if it bolts up. brought the new 5. If you are wanting to swap out your automatic transmission for a 5 speed transmission in a Fox Body Mustang, follow along as we walk you through step by step. Of course you can swap to a manual.

You need a tune for the ECU, the transmission, transmission wiring harness, clutch setup, flywheel for manual car, shifter, bell housing bolts (pretty sure these years use different bolts for manuals over 5r555. the yoke on the auto vs. Auto to Manual Conversion That&39;s a nice project. You should always buy the best overall condition of car you can get whether or not it is auto or manual. 0L HO of the ’90s. MAKE NOTE AND MARK ALL FOUR 02 SENSOR WIRING HARNESS PLUG CONNECTORS.

9, 96-04 GT, Bullitt, Mach 1, and 96-98 cobra all use 45. to trade in your manual Mustang for an auto. See more videos for 96 Mustang Gt Automatic To Manual Trans Swap. It has an automatic transmission though and I want to swap to a manual. Transmission swap 10 Answers. I have a GT that is completely stock. From what I&39;ve heard, it&39;s not worth the time or money to swap the transmission. For 600 bucks you can convert it to a manual type auto with a art carr manual/auto valve body.

I have heard alot of people say it is not worth it. I&39;ve been driving my AUTO 96 GT for 2 years now. Ford Mustang GT: How to Install T-56 Manual Transmission. Ford has acknowledged several issues including thick, cold transmission fluid, high RPM operation, gear clash, faulty operation, and clutch plate bolt failure.

Changed from an FMX auto tranny to a top loader 4 speed. 7Cyclone today about his Auto to Manual swap and have gained a lot of confidence in the whole process after seeing his project and talking to him about it. Swapping in a late-model overdrive transmission, namely the T5 manual and the AOD automatic, is a straighforward swap for 289, 302, 351 equipped cars. 5" driveshafts. The 4r70w is actually a very good tranny. Ford Mustang 5. I dont see why not if manual is so much more pleasureable.

This article applies to the Ford Mustang GT. Description:Mustang Manual Transmission Tremec T-56 Magnum 6 Speed Conversion Kit T-56 Magnum 6 Speed Manual Transmission Conversion Kit forMustangs. Remove auto transmission, flexplate, shifter (save all small nuts that hold shifter down, you&39;ll need 2 for the manual shifter), front fascia, trans cooler, lines. So what exactly would be needed if I were to do the swap?

The Ford world rejoiced in, however, with the introduction of the 5R55S, an automatic transmission that changed the landscape and made an auto-equipped Mustang a worthy purchase. Unlike the Mustang GT, each 96-98 Cobra was equipped with a seven-tooth speedometer sensor drive gear, located in the rear of the T45. Found in each 96-98 Mustang GT is an 8-tooth speedometer sensor drive gear, which was located aft forward of the transmission mount. We follow along as this Ford Mustang GT convertible has its original 5R55S automatic transmission replaced with a Tremec 3650 5-speed manual transmission - 5.

Auto To Manual Swap. I have a mustang gt. Automatic and manual transmissions both require a coupling device, a piece of equipment that is used to connect and disconnect the transmission and the engine as needed. I wanted to know A couple things on what tranny you guys recommend.

These guys sell complete kits with everything you need. 0L Tremec 3550 Transmission World Class T-5 302 T5Z TKO. Unfortunately, response to the MT-82 was not all that great.

A 99-04 Transmission will work with a 94-98 Mustang if a signal converter box is used. Auto to manual trans swap 02 mustang part 1 - Duration: 10:08. Exactly what would I need for this manual swap? I have an 89 mustang with a 5 speed manual tranny and also have a 92 mustang coupe with a bad AOD auto tranny. Mustang Fastback A code GTMach 1 428.

Newer cars require a slightly different approach. automatic and manual transmissions in 79-95 5. 1965 – 66 Mustang For a 1965 – 1966 Mustang we recommend a T-5 transmission for engines. I went through it on my 71 Cougar a few years back and I&39;m sure that was a much simplier setup compared to an 07 Mustang.

I am real sick of not being able to shift! Many of the five-speed transmissions found in late model Mustangs can be installed with little modification. Ford Mustang GT 5. Mustang Fastback 331, T5, 8" 3. 88 pulley, Mak Performance 4" inlet pipe, Fore innovations Beefcake budget dual pump fuel system, Stock Cams, Livernois Valve springs, Id-1050x Injectors, Reische 170 degree thermostat, Tial 50 mm Bov, Gt-350 intake manifold & t.

Hard shifting, missed shifts, screws backing out, weird clutch feel – these are all problems that plagued the MT-82 upon first arrival. With this change comes the wide pattern “Top Loader” four-speed. 03 04 MUSTANG 3650 AUTO TO MANUAL TRANSMISSION CONVERSION TREMEC 5 SPEED.

It depends on what vehicle and what manual transmission. Don&39;t 96 mustang gt automatic to manual trans swap have the money for a new because planning on putting on a turbo soon after the transmission is done. If anyone is looking to do a Manual to Auto swap (trade with me) or is looking 96 mustang gt automatic to manual trans swap to sell their Manual Trans, please DM me! Swapping a five-speed transmission into an early Mustang, Falcon, Cougar, or almost any early Ford could not be any easier these days.

0 Mustang & Super Fords Magazine. In a manual transmission, that piece is called a clutch, and in an automatic transmission, it’s a torque converter. Ruby Red GT/CS 401a Exedy stage 2 6r80 build with billet input shaft, 3:55 gears, Procharger Stage 2 D1x (750/539 RWHP) with 4. Its an automatic and Ive been really wanting to swap it to a manual for the 2 years I had it. In order to swap your automatic transmission for a manual. 0 6R80 Automatic Transmission Conversion kit Auto ,749.

8 T- 5 transmission from a 95 mustang that I want to swap into my 1995 5. If your Mustang is a manual shift, this conversion will cost less than the automatic conversion. The mid-year 1966 Mustang was equipped with six-bolt blocks that carried through 302 and 5. Your best bet is to find a guy like the previous poster to go the other way. The number of teeth on the internal speedometer gear The 83-89 transmissions have a 7 tooth internal gear and the 90-98 transmissions have an 8 tooth internal gear. I don&39;t know if I should go with the TKO-600 with the road course gearing or the T-56 6 speed. 0 are able to handle 40 lbs more of torque since this is just a daily driver with no mods I am not worried about that aspect but what I am understanding is.

In general, on a rear wheel drive vehicle, swapping out the auto for a stock style manual isn’t terrible. 86 MPH Josh Hubbell&39;s Mustang GT With 10R80 Auto Transmission, Similar Modifications as CJ&39;s GHIR (Details in Video Description), 10. CJ Pony Parts&39; Gotta Have It Race (GHIR): Mustang GT, Full Bolt-On With MT-82 Manual Transmission, All-Time Best: 11. He transmission was in his 03 GT. IMHO it would prolly be easier to stick with the t-45 since the 96 mustang gt never came with a tr3650. The aftermarket and Mustang owners have identified fixes for all of these issues to improve function and performance of the transmission. the driveshafts are the same length.

It&39;s easy enough to convert it later on with a wide range of manual transmissions: you could go with a period correct trans, like a toploader, or any number of kits to put in a T-5 or a 6 speed from a modern Mustang. Not looking to buy new looking for one used. LMR specializes in kits that are designed to swap your automatic transmission to a manual transmission as well as transmission swaps that are designed to provide a stronger manual transmission to accommodate a high horsepower engine. In 1979, the foxbody Mustang was introduced with the SROD (Single Rail Overdrive) 4-speed manual transmission and was used up to 1982. Tremec TR-3650 transmission – – Mustang GT Tremec TR-6060 transmission – –present Ford Shelby GT500, Ford Falcon ( FG ) I6T, 5. Kit AOD To T5 Swap Manual Transmission. 0L supercharged V8 Getrag transmissions. 1965 Mustang Fastback 331, T5, 9" 3.

You will need to do the trans, cooler and lines, engine/tranny wiring harness, PCM, pedal box, shifter, flywheel, clutch package and I would suggest buying a wiring diagram manual and studying it for a while like I did. manual driveshaft may be different but it can be swapped over. Mustang Manual Transmission Swap Kits & Components. 02 mustang Auto to manual transmission swap part 2 - Duration: 6:20. 96 mustang gt automatic to manual trans swap b, ARH Lt&39;s + ARH complete exhaust. Late Model Restoration walks you through step by step on how to swap out your automatic transmission and replace it with a new t-5 manual transmission. These weren’t rated for anything much more than 200lb-ft of torque and not really recommended for anything other than the stock engines the 79-82 had. In fact on most early Fords, the swap is so easy it makes you wonder if Ford was thinking ahead.

0L Coyote Mustang to the market, as well as a new 6-speed manual transmission, the Getrag MT-82. I was the 1st to swap from auto to manual in an &39;05 GT. Garrett Grantham 2,451 views. Mustang Cobra GT Clutch Bell Housing 96-99 4. In this article we&39;ll go over what it takes to swap in a T5 tranmisssion into an early Ford.

The conversion to the manual is best but will run about 2K with a used swap kit from MPS. What Causes Mustang GT Manual Transmission Problems? Wondered if this would be a fairly easy bolt up swap putting the manual in place of t. It is a daily driver, but I will take it to the drag strip once or twice and to a road course too. 0 mustang I have done the research on the transmission and not to much difference other then the t 5 5. Sent from AutoGuide. Mustang GT. Brief overview of swapping a trans on the floor.

Improve the driving dynamics 96 mustang gt automatic to manual trans swap of your Mustang with these manual transmission swap options from LMR. Just a t-5 tranny and some. This manual is for &39;05-&39;06 mustang gt swap. I&39;m not gonna be doing this swap in the immediate future but if I ever find a deal on an auto v8 mustang is snap it up but I greatly prefer a manual trans. How to Install T-56 Manual Transmission Closer gear ratios, improved acceleration, and increased fuel economy - What&39;s not to like about a tranny swap?

96 mustang gt automatic to manual trans swap

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